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June 15, 2011
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Beach Happiness by TehTwi Beach Happiness by TehTwi
Greetings from the beach! In this frappucchino we have a flower, plush toy, headphones, and fabric. Sunflowers always make me smile so much, but apparently they don't grow by the beach. My mom and sister hunted for one at all the stores nearby as a reference for me and came up empty handed. I think it's a sundaisy now.

The German shepherd toy is based on my favorite stuffed animal. His name is Tony and he's a good guard puppy that keeps me safe at night. His fur is so soft. Just hugging him is calming, so I knew he would have to be in my frappucchino.

Music is essential when drawing, and my trusty headphones (earbuds hurt...) allow me to groove at the computer, in the library, on planes and at 1am in dorms. They're quite ragged now and wish they looked halfway as cool as the ones in the picture. I couldn't resist adding the smiley face sticker. While too obvious for the contest theme, a splash of color was just what the headphones needed.

The fabric is pretty vague, but represents a lot to me. I spent my childhood falling asleep to the sound of a sewing machine and enjoy sewing and quilting myself. It also reminds me of my new white dress; for the first time in years I'm thrilled about wearing something with a skirt.

And then... the beach. This drawing is of the view out of the window closest to me as I type. Or it would be, if it weren't midnight and very dark. Being with family and friends takes me to both east coast and west coast beaches. I watch the sun both rise and set over water. There's something complete about that that appeals to me so, so much. Complete is happy.

Break out the whipped cream and caramel!


Edit- The color is off... the flower's way intense and the background is a little faded. That makes me sad. Photoshop keeps freezing when I try to save as a png though. Too bad. I'll see if I can fix it in the morning but I can't really think of how now.
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DRagsdale Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it!!
Yay! Go Semi-finalist Frappe Twi! <3 I love this ^_^ Good luck hun!
Thanks Twi-buddy! Gotta love a gift card- 2.5 frappuccinos. Yumm :)
May5Rogers99 Jun 23, 2011  Student General Artist
This is too cute I love it!! I hope you win! I would definitely love to be sipping a frappuccino from that cute little cup!!
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